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65 Opinion Essay Topics for Elementary Kids

Regardless of age, level of education, beliefs, etc, everyone is allowed to have an opinion. As long as there are different sides to an opinion, people will always have their opinions.

Opinion essays are a great way for students to display their creative writing skills while expressing their opinions. Irrespective of one’s level of education, one can write opinion essays.

Opinion Essay Topics For Elementary Students

Opinion essay topics for elementary students help kids learn to have and defend their opinions. Below are 65 of such topics.

  • All elementary school dress codes should be scrapped.
  • Children should be allowed to bring their pets to school.
  • Homework should be given to students two times a week.
  • School hours should be shorter and more fun.
  • Breaks and recess should be longer.
  • Detention should only be served by students who litter the halls.
  • Children should be allowed to use cell phones in class.
  • Field trips should be done every month.
  • Show and tell day should happen often.
  • School projects should be more fun
  • Children should be allowed to vote on classroom paint colors.
  • Bedtime should be extended by two hours.
  • School should be open four instead of five days a week.
  • Students should be punished for littering.
  • Detention hours should be less.
  • Perfect attendance awards are not important.
  • Children’s mental health should not be ignored.
  • Exercise should be a part of everyday school activities.
  • Awards should be given to the nicest person.
  • Awards should be given weekly and at the end of every term.
  • Children should be allowed to have sweets every day.
  • Individual participation should be mandatory for group projects.
  • Gardening should be included in the school curriculum.
  • Planting should be done by everybody.
  • Why we should protect the Earth now.
  • We should be allowed to trade lunches.
  • Children should be allowed to vote on food menus.
  • Everyone should be allowed to bring snacks to class.
  • Schools should organize parties for children twice a month.
  • Games should be allowed in classrooms.
  • The seating arrangement in classrooms should be randomized.
  • We should be allowed to switch seats during a class.
  • Saving goals should be introduced in school.
  • Sex education classes should be introduced early.
  • Each classroom should have a pet or a mascot.
  • We should be allowed to come to school without wearing uniforms.
  • We should be allowed to choose between reading and watching educational videos in class.
  • Cooking should be taught to everyone.
  • We should be allowed to choose our seats in class.
  • Cats are less messy than dogs.
  • The school should organize birthday parties for students every month.
  • What is the most impressive superpower?
  • We should be allowed to vote and choose our teachers.
  • Teachers should be rewarded too.
  • Holidays should be extended by two weeks.
  • Fruits and vegetables should be added to the school menu every day.
  • Schools should have at least one game room.
  • Writing should be replaced with typing in the classroom.
  • Math subjects should be done early in the day.
  • If students should wear a uniform, so should teachers.
  • School cafeterias should serve fast food every day.
  • Volunteering should be made compulsory for students once a week.
  • Cyberbullies should be suspended from school.
  • Chores should be exchanged for homework.
  • We should be allowed to redecorate our classroom.
  • We should be allowed to plan our parties.
  • Are imaginary friends good or bad?
  • Self-defense classes should run side-by-side with gym classes.
  • Students should be allowed to choose which language they want to learn.
  • Are curfews important?
  • Boys and girls should receive sex ed classes together.
  • Tests and exams are overrated.
  • Tests should be more wholesome.
  • Practical life lessons should be taught in schools.
  • Children should be allowed to hold onto their security blankets for longer.

The list of opinion essay topics above has been put together exclusively for elementary students. The topics are differentiated because they are suitable for their grade level.

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