Best Opinion Essay Topic Ideas

99 Good Opinion Essay Topics for High School

Opinion essay topics for high school students are structured in ways that provoke the student into constructively expressing their opinions. Opinion essay topics for high school students usually imply that students address their opinions in contrast with the opposing opinion.

Opinion Essay Topics For High School Students

  1. Should animals be used for experiments?
  2. Should contraception be popularized?
  3. Should men get to decide on their wives’ use of contraceptives?
  4. Is watching television useful to kids?
  5. What’s the limit to cosmetic surgery?
  6. Should parents give allowances to their children irrespective of their behavior?
  7. Should allowance be given to children as awards for good behavior?
  8. Do huge allowances teach children financial responsibility?
  9. Is it wrong to opt for plastic surgery?
  10. How will going digital in classrooms save trees?
  11. Students should be allowed to have jobs.
  12. Which is more important, a participant or winner award?
  13. Which environmental asset would you conserve? Why?
  14. If you could go back in time to stop something from happening, what would you do?
  15. Is the Mandela Effect a hoax?
  16. Should all college students be awarded scholarships?
  17. Should the current minimum wage be changed?
  18. Which is worth more, memories or memoirs?
  19. Would you rather travel alone or with a companion?
  20. Are yearbooks more important than school functions?
  21. Can success truly be measured?
  22. Should people trust their instincts above all else?
  23. Is it inappropriate for schools to teach sex education?
  24. Does punishment translates to discipline in a child?
  25. How would you convince your friends to watch the same movie with you?
  26. Should teenagers should be allowed to have their drivers’ license at 16?
  27. Should athletes should be paid such huge salaries?
  28. Has TikTok done more harm than good?
  29. Should repentant inmates be allowed to leave parole?
  30. Is it wrong if parents are their children’s best friends?
  31. Which would you rather pay, a flat tax percentage or rates proportional to your earnings?
  32. Are smartphones helpful in learning?
  33. Are single-sex schools better than co-ed schools?
  34. Homeschooling or public schooling?
  35. Should fast foods be banned?
  36. Are all celebrities fit role models?
  37. Do you have a celebrity role model? Why them?
  38. How can you help your school run better?
  39. Should underage teens be allowed to have tattoos?
  40. Which is more important, personality or looks?
  41. Suggest a different menu for your school.
  42. Should all tests be standardized?
  43. What are some barriers to communication?
  44. Do test scores truly represent’ knowledge?
  45. Are fast foods good or bad?
  46. What do you think is the biggest threat to equality?
  47. Who should parenting classes be offered to?
  48. What happens when we die?
  49. Does education really prepare one for life outside school?
  50. Is feminism good?
  51. Should the voting age be reduced?
  52. Does age matter in relationships?
  53. Is it possible to have a fair, unblemished society?
  54. All betting should be banned.
  55. Sexism in the female sports industry.
  56. Should only men be allowed to be bodybuilders?
  57. Are extreme sports for men only?
  58. Should parents be involved in their child’s education?
  59. Is the grading system reliable?
  60. Are standardized tests harmful?
  61. Should students take drug tests?
  62. How has social media affected employment rates?
  63. Advantages and disadvantages of social media.
  64. Are bees the best pollinators?
  65. Is palm oil useless?
  66. Should we be eating vegetables?
  67. Over-dependence on social media.
  68. Are paternity leaves necessary?
  69. Does wealth equal success?
  70. Ignorance is bliss.
  71. Photoshop should be banned.
  72. Should cheating spouses be prosecuted?
  73. Do crimes result from boredom?
  74. Crossbreeding animals is bad.
  75. Fur coats and leather jackets should be banned.
  76. Does education guarantee good parenting?
  77. Rehab for sex offenders?
  78. Should women be politicians?
  79. Economic importance of mosquitoes.
  80. Economic importance of seas.
  81. Economic importance of corals.
  82. Is music really art?
  83. Do parents contribute to lateral violence?
  84. Do parents contribute to bullying?
  85. How alcoholism in parents affects children.
  86. Is feminism bad for young girls?
  87. Can boys be feminists too?
  88. Is toxic masculinity a thing?
  89. Should human beings be cloned?
  90. Should displaced immigrants be made to go back home?
  91. Are immigrants terrorists?
  92. Are we the Earth’s problem?
  93. How have we contributed to global warming?
  94. How can we reduce the threat of global warming?
  95. Should school children be placed on diets?
  96. Are non-gender-conformists sexual deviants?
  97. How can we preserve cultural sites?
  98. Is tourism doing more harm than good to cultural sites?
  99. Are coral reefs important to humans?

Searching for the best opinion essay topics for high school students is admittedly much easier now with this extensive list. With this list, high school students can express their opinions of issues that carry weight in society today.

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