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77 Good Opinion Essay Topics 5th Grade

Opinion essay topics for 5th graders provide the students the opportunity to convince readers of the opinions they have. Opinion essay topics for 5th graders are simple yet challenging for the students to form opinions and defend them. At this stage, the students have progressed in their writing skills and the art of persuasion. Therefore, list of opinion essay topics for grade 5 both appeals to and challenges the students to write.

Below is a list of some of the best opinion essay topics for 5th grade.

Opinion Essay Topics 5th Grade

  1. Good grades deserve payment.
  2. School is fun with less homework.
  3. My favorite bonding activity.
  4. Gardening is tiresome.
  5. Blue hair is better than green hair.
  6. Cursive is fun.
  7. Music class is more fun than debate class.
  8. Everyone should have gardens.
  9. Santa Claus isn’t real.
  10. We should be paid for going to gym class.
  11. Gym class should be for everybody.
  12. Children should be allowed to vote.
  13. Schools should close early.
  14. Recess should be longer.
  15. Watermelons are better than pineapples.
  16. Pineapples are better than watermelons.
  17. Green hair is better than blue hair.
  18. Gardening is refreshing.
  19. Santa Claus is real.
  20. Children should be allowed to use Facebook.
  21. Everyone should have iPhones.
  22. McDonald’s is better than Chick-fil-A.
  23. Chick-fil-A is better than McDonald’s.
  24. Ice skaters should use helmets.
  25. Giving is what’s right.
  26. Homeless people need food too.
  27. Growing up takes forever.
  28. We should all plant trees.
  29. People should donate more often.
  30. Cheese is better than butter.
  31. Not using seatbelts should be illegal.
  32. Gym class should be longer and recess, shorter.
  33. Onions are nasty.
  34. Apples are better than oranges.
  35. Should vending machines be removed from schools?
  36. Should children be allowed to not eat vegetables?
  37. Which do you prefer, Frozen I or II? Why?
  38. Should screen time during school nights be monitored?
  39. Does bullying affect just the bullied or everybody?
  40. Is the internet trustworthy?
  41. Should you believe everything that’s online?
  42. Is Snapchat bad for friends?
  43. Should organic foods be expensive?
  44. Should homework be optional?
  45. Are private schools better?
  46. Are public schools better?
  47. Should people keep exotic pets?
  48. Should pet be left alone?
  49. Should stray animals be put down?
  50. If you could, what pet would you adopt? Why?
  51. Should school be four or five days a week?
  52. Should vegetables be swapped out for sweets? Why?
  53. What could happen if pet owners are not careful?
  54. Should classes have mascots?
  55. Should each class have a class pet?
  56. Should 5th graders have cellphones?
  57. Shouldn’t students get to pick their teacher?
  58. Should a reward be given for being nice?
  59. Teachers should give awards for good behavior, not perfect attendance.
  60. What are some activities you can do in school to not get bored?
  61. What superpower do you think is the best?
  62. What superpower do you think is useless?
  63. Is equality just a ruse or is it really important?
  64. Should non-military personnel be allowed to keep guns?
  65. Which would you prefer, a co-ed school or a single-gender one?
  66. Are uniforms all that bad if they mean less time picking out outfits?
  67. Should kids be homeschooled?
  68. What would you do if you were the principal for one day?
  69. Should curfew be extended or removed altogether?
  70. What is the most annoying task your parents make you do?
  71. What is the least annoying chore you do in the mornings?
  72. Should schools allow a “bring your pet to school” day?
  73. Teachers should be awarded for doing well in class.
  74. Do perfect attendance gifts undermine a child’s mental health?
  75. Shouldn’t Mental Health Day be school-free?
  76. Should kids learn about current happenings?
  77. Do aliens exist?

Grade 5 opinion writing topics allow students to constructively present their thoughts on the subject. These topics will give these 5th graders the ammunition they need to freely express their opinions.

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