Best Opinion Essay Topic Ideas

List of 88 Opinion Writing Topics for 4th Graders

Opinion essay topics for 4th grade should be compiled carefully. This article offers 88 unique opinion essay ideas 4th grade students would enjoy. With these opinion essay topics, 4th grade students can write about things they care about.

Opinion Essay Topics 4th Grade Students Can Write On

Below is a list of 88 different grade 4 opinion writing topics. With these opinion essay ideas, 4th grade teachers can rest easy, knowing their students will give their best.

  1. Children should determine what they eat
  2. Hygiene should be taught at home and in schools
  3. Teachers are not given enough credit
  4. Pop culture trends are bad for young people
  5. Fast fashion is a form of environmental abuse
  6. Activists are not the bad guys
  7. Children should be taught about their rights
  8. Self defense should be taught to children of all ages
  9. Parents need to pay more attention to their children’s education
  10. Schools should teach students to interact with people with special needs
  11. Children under 18 should take on minor jobs
  12. Helicopter parents are bad for children’s growth
  13. Should minors have a say in politics?
  14. Should teenagers have a say in politics?
  15. Children should be taught to take care of their younger ones
  16. Competition teaches people to be wary of each other
  17. Siblings should not be made to compete against each other
  18. Human food is better for pets than pet food
  19. Balloons should be compulsory for birthdays
  20. Clowns should not be allowed to children’s parties
  21. Every child should get money on their birthday
  22. Children should not be sent to the principal’s office
  23. Children’s rooms should be painted with bright colours
  24. There are not enough pictures in children’s books
  25. Hospitals should hand out stickers to all patients
  26. Orange juice is better than apple juice
  27. Vegetables do not make you stronger
  28. Cheese is better than milk
  29. Cold showers are better than hot showers
  30. Hot showers are better than cold showers
  31. Fruit juice is better than canned soda
  32. Carrots are better than broccoli
  33. Children should not be made to take medicine
  34. Schools should not hire mean teachers
  35. Everybody should have a best friend
  36. Are injections better than medicines?
  37. Adults should get time-outs too
  38. Are frogs better than lizards?
  39. Having a pet goldfish is hard work
  40. Can a dog be your best friend?
  41. Are sweets really bad for your teeth?
  42. Girls are smarter than boys
  43. Boys are smarter than girls
  44. Should children have smartphones?
  45. Does talent play any role in getting good grades?
  46. Does a good handwriting help you get good grades?
  47. Should schools dictate students’ dress codes?
  48. Should parents dictate their children’s dress codes?
  49. Parents’ high expectations stress their children
  50. School causes stress for young people
  51. Should children have a say in how many siblings they should have?
  52. Are the Child Protective Services the good guys or the bad guys?
  53. Can a bug be a good pet?
  54. Children should be allowed to dress like their favourite artists to school
  55. Should pyjamas be allowed in school?
  56. Children should not be made to do chores
  57. Every child should have a video game
  58. Every home needs a television
  59. Are superheroes better than normal people?
  60. What is the best kind of musical equipment?
  61. Does water make your skin smooth?
  62. Should children drink wine?
  63. Schools should close earlier
  64. Parents should be allowed to leave work to pick up their children from school
  65. Is texting better than calling?
  66. Should the anthem be sung in schools?
  67. Is hiphop better than slow music?
  68. Are jaguars faster than tigers?
  69. Is tap water better than bottled water?
  70. Does fish taste better than meat?
  71. Do you always have to bathe with a sponge?
  72. Sunsets are better than sunrise
  73. Does coke taste better than pepsi?
  74. Dry shampoo is better than regular shampoo
  75. Is cable better than Netflix?
  76. Is santa clause real?
  77. Should you have more than three friends?
  78. Pizza is better than fries
  79. Reading outdoors is better than reading indoors
  80. Cartoons are better than movies
  81. Reality tv shows are fake
  82. Dog shelters need more volunteers
  83. Hippos have the strongest jaws
  84. Do sharks count as fishes?
  85. Is a laptop better than a television?
  86. Breakfast is more important than lunch
  87. Desserts should be compulsory for every meal
  88. Movie theaters should let people bring food

With the above opinion essay topics, 4th grade students have a chance to argue for what they are passionate about. All they have to do is pick the most suitable option.

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