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85 Opinion Writing Topics for Third Grade

Finding opinion writing topics third grade students can write on takes as much patience and effort as you can muster. Compiling these opinion essay topics for 3rd grade is an arduous task also, for those without practice or teaching experience, however, this article was written to help you.

Here, we have a list of 85 opinion essay topics third grade students would love to write on.

Opinion Writing Topics Third Grade Students Can Choose From

  1. Are plants green?
  2. School can be fun
  3. Can snakes make for good pets?
  4. What is the most important food class?
  5. Reading is a fun activity
  6. Kids should learn to solve crossword puzzles
  7. Can toys talk like people?
  8. Can children have grown-up jobs?
  9. Pets should be allowed in classrooms
  10. Kids should not talk to strangers
  11. Should third graders have cell phones?
  12. Fruits are more important than vegetables
  13. Vegetables are more important than fruits
  14. Dogs shouldn’t be locked in cages
  15. People should be nicer to the poor
  16. Parents should protect their children from danger
  17. Is plastic bad for the environment?
  18. Should religion be taught in schools?
  19. Do you think smoothies are better than slushies?
  20. Can air be bottled?
  21. Are proteins better than vitamins?
  22. Is milk good for your teeth?
  23. Should children brush twice a day?
  24. Is water more important than air?
  25. Are cinemas better than watching movies at home?
  26. Backpacks are better than lockers
  27. Video games are better than cartoons
  28. Should you shower everyday?
  29. Do candies count as desserts?
  30. Should children skip meals?
  31. Fair rides should be free for kids
  32. Having a favourite subject is a good thing
  33. All children should have babysitters
  34. Kids should be allowed to stay home when they want
  35. School can be boring
  36. Lunch time should be longer
  37. Is it hard to own a pet?
  38. Training wheels are important when riding a bike
  39. All sports should have protective gear
  40. Skateboarding should be a school sport
  41. Martial arts should be taught at school
  42. Should children be allowed to go to gyms?
  43. Televisions are better than phones
  44. Should medicines be made to taste sweet?
  45. Umbrellas are better than raincoats
  46. Schools should teach students to skate
  47. Hamsters are better pets than birds
  48. What is the best type of pet to have?
  49. Every child should have a pet goldfish
  50. Do you think superheroes are real?
  51. What is the best kind of religion?
  52. Dancing should be a school sport
  53. Bright colours are better than dark colours
  54. Children should learn to type at school
  55. Only the police and soldiers should be allowed to carry guns
  56. Every child should own a computer
  57. Every child should own a laptop
  58. Moths are better than butterflies
  59. Camping trips are more fun than fishing trips
  60. Children’s lunches should be as colourful as possible
  61. Kids should help their parents pick out their clothes
  62. All schools must have a first aid kit
  63. Parents should have a list of all their children’s allergies
  64. Band-aids should have superheroes on them
  65. Children should have grown-up friends
  66. Every child should be allowed to own a bike
  67. Is having electricity better than having internet?
  68. Video games are more addictive than phone games
  69. Should children earn money for getting good grades?
  70. Christmas is the best holiday
  71. Long hair is better than short hair
  72. Should schools teach children to use computers?
  73. Roller-skates are better than bicycles
  74. Are motorcycles better than cars?
  75. Do you think kids should have their own rooms?
  76. Does texting help people to spell words better?
  77. Should children be allowed to have make-up?
  78. What kind of flower do you think is the best?
  79. Did the series of lock-downs from the Covid-19 pandemic make school easier or harder?
  80. Which of the four seasons is the best?
  81. Children should always have a list of their allergies
  82. Doctors make better friends than nurses
  83. What superpower is the best?
  84. Is it better to be good at a lot of things or to be good at just one thing?
  85. Parents should not be allowed to yell at their children

These questions were specifically crafted to encourage the creativity of third graders, and to challenge them into writing convincing essays. Whichever opinion essay topics 3rd grade students choose, you can therefore be sure that it is well suited for them.

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