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88 Amazing Opinion Writing Topics For 1st Grade

Opinion writing topics for 1st grade are great for helping children develop their opinion writing skills. It also helps the children see why and how they can be firm about their opinions. Here, the children are learning to share their opinions, as well as how to form ideas around main points.

Opinion Writing Topics 1st Grade

  1. Are chocolate cookies the best flavor?
  2. Keyboard or the recorder?
  3. A violin or a piano?
  4. Would you rather be a princess or a superhero?
  5. Cinderella or Snow White?
  6. Apples or oranges?
  7. Long hair or short hair?
  8. Do you like pigtails or a ponytail?
  9. Would you rather eat carrots or broccoli?
  10. A unicorn or a pony?
  11. Old McDonald’s or Little Miss Muffet?
  12. Cakes or sweets?
  13. Lemonade or soda?
  14. Nickelodeon or Disney?
  15. Moana or Sofia The First?
  16. Coloring books or picture books?
  17. Would you rather hear a bedtime story or a lullaby?
  18. Bananas or mangoes?
  19. Pancakes or waffles?
  20. Cheese or milk?
  21. Chocolate milk or hot cocoa?
  22. Vanilla or strawberry ice cream?
  23. Lingo Kids or Cocomelon?
  24. Baby Shark song or The Finger Family Song?
  25. Face painting or superhero costume?
  26. Vanilla cookies or chocolate chip cookies?
  27. Star Wars or Nickelodeon?
  28. Bus or train?
  29. Scooter or bicycle?
  30. What would your perfect birthday gift be? Why?
  31. What is your favorite storybook? Why?
  32. What do you love to do during recess? Why?
  33. What’s your favorite sport? Why?
  34. What’s your favorite bedtime story?
  35. What’s your favorite toy? Why?
  36. What’s your favorite thing to draw? Why?
  37. What animal would make a great pet for you? Why?
  38. What is the worst vegetable to eat?
  39. Would you rather go to the zoo or the aquarium?
  40. The museum or the zoo?
  41. The aquarium or the museum?
  42. What do you love most about the winter? Why?
  43. What do you love most about bath time?
  44. What chore do you dislike the most?
  45. What is your favorite place to go during the holiday? Why?
  46. Who is your favorite friend to visit?
  47. A dinosaur or a pony?
  48. What is your favorite part of your house?
  49. What part of your room do you like best?
  50. Would you rather grow up really quickly or just enough?
  51. Would you rather have 100 waffles or 100 ice-cream cones?
  52. Which is scarier, a spider or a wasp?
  53. Which is cuter, a ladybug or a butterfly?
  54. What’s your favorite flower?
  55. Write about what makes your best friend so special.
  56. Do you like it when it rains? Why or why not?
  57. Would you rather be a pirate or an explorer?
  58. Who would you like to meet if you went to Disneyland?
  59. What cartoon character would you like to hang out with? Why?
  60. Should kids get to have their rooms?
  61. What is the best part about your favorite movie?
  62. What is the worst part about your favorite movie?
  63. What is the best part about being in the 1st grade?
  64. What’s the worst part about being in the 1st grade?
  65. Do you think monkeys are better than koalas?
  66. What is the best thing about autumn?
  67. What is the worst thing about autumn?
  68. What is the best thing about summer?
  69. What is the worst thing about summer?
  70. What is your favorite holiday? Why?
  71. What do you love to eat during the holidays?
  72. What do you love to drink during the holidays?
  73. Do you like Christmas carols?
  74. What’s your favorite animal costume?
  75. Would you rather have chocolate or frosting for dessert?
  76. Should kids go to school on Saturdays?
  77. Would you rather eat candy or watch TV?
  78. What’s your favorite zoo animal to visit?
  79. What animal do you pet in a petting zoo?
  80. Do you like petting zoos?
  81. What do you like to do after school?
  82. What’s your favorite pizza topping?
  83. What would you do when your friend is unhappy?
  84. Would you rather play outside or watch TV?
  85. Would you rather climb a tree or color?
  86. Do you have a favorite coat? Why do you like it?
  87. What’s your favorite food?
  88. What’s your favorite Bible story?

Opinion writing topics for 1st grade help the children become more self-confident and place value on their opinions. With the right motivation in the form of challenging, grade-appropriate topics, children can recognize and defend their beliefs beginning now.

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