Best Opinion Essay Topic Ideas

100 Most Useful Opinion Essay Topics IELTS

The IELTS was created to test your knowledge of the English language, and one way is through written essays like opinion essays. You can find help almost anywhere, and this article is a good source.

Below is a list of opinion essay topics for ESL students, as well as opinion essay topics IELTS students can work with.

Opinion Essay Topics ESL Students Can Write On

  1. Prove that your favourite musician is the best
  2. Is it better to watch a movie than to read a book?
  3. Is learning a foreign language worth it?
  4. How to choose a foreign language to learn.
  5. Should non-native speakers get special attention?
  6. Exams are inaccurate tests of knowledge
  7. When is the right time to learn a new language?
  8. Does learning a country’s culture help learn the language?
  9. Advertisements influence people’s choices
  10. Is talent necessary for success?
  11. Universities do not prepare students for real life
  12. Universities help prepare students for real life
  13. What are the best years of a person’s life?
  14. It is good to step out of your comfort zone
  15. It is better to always stick to what you know
  16. Can growth happen without any change?
  17. Everyone has a role in sustaining the environment
  18. Having choices can be bad
  19. Is a gap year necessary?
  20. Good marketing promotes business
  21. What is a valid reason to learn a foreign language
  22. Art makes learning a foreign language easier
  23. How does music make learning a language easier?
  24. Rural areas are better than urban areas
  25. Urban areas are better than rural areas
  26. Social media affects children negatively
  27. Homes without technology raise better children
  28. Technology is essential in raising good children
  29. Eating together forms stronger bonds
  30. There are not enough jobs to support families
  31. Show how technology is reducing the quality of life
  32. Home made meals are better than store-bought meals
  33. Store-bought meals are better than home made meals
  34. Children should know how to save
  35. Is getting a private teacher worth it?
  36. Child discipline varies in different societies
  37. Smoking around children impairs their development
  38. Books should not have movie adaptations
  39. Books should have movie adaptations
  40. Are letters a good means of communication?
  41. Important aspects of building a nation
  42. Are sports valued higher than education?
  43. Schools should boycott pop quizzes
  44. Negative effects of piracy in the music industry
  45. The end does not justify the means
  46. Is it safer for all schools to be co-ed?
  47. Women are as capable as men
  48. Online shopping is better than physical shopping
  49. Individual and collective steps need to be taken to reduce pollution
  50. Man is the greatest pollutant
  51. Should financial inclusion be taught in schools?
  52. Is it better to take up a skill before finishing school?
  53. Online classes are more helpful than offline classes
  54. Offline classes are more helpful than online classes
  55. Print media is more reliable than news online
  56. Education should be made free for poor people
  57. School helps to determine a person’s moral standards
  58. Should women take high level jobs?
  59. A car is a liability
  60. Classical books should not have movie adaptations
  61. Classical books should have movie adaptations
  62. Work is the biggest source of stress for adults
  63. Children should be allowed to make important decisions
  64. Young people don’t value free time
  65. Is success the best way to measure intelligence?
  66. Is social media detrimental to physical health?
  67. Health insurance in America is a scam
  68. There is not enough concern for environmental safety
  69. Favouritism should be discouraged
  70. Students should be allowed to give feedback on their teachers
  71. Crimes should be punished by circumstances, rather than severity
  72. Letters are the most personal form of communication
  73. Social media is robbing teenagers of their education
  74. Online popularity pays more than physical jobs
  75. Children should be taught to write as early as possible
  76. Homeschooling is better than attending public schools
  77. Detention is an ineffective form of punishment
  78. Children should not read until age 7
  79. Maturity is not based on age
  80. Peer groups are the best form of validation
  81. Sleep is highly underrated
  82. Alcohol should only be taken occasionally
  83. Is “tough love” a form of abuse?
  84. Every child should know their rights
  85. Education should not only be about books
  86. Teenagers should be taught childcare
  87. Female contraceptives should be free
  88. Female sanitary products should be free
  89. Talent shows are not fair in picking the winners
  90. Should babies only listen to classical music?
  91. Does really aid mental development?
  92. Should children be encouraged to always rely on adults?
  93. Hobbies will help to eliminate crime
  94. Everyone should have a hobby
  95. Children shows contain subliminal messages
  96. Is the educational system inclusive?
  97. Should minors be allowed to marry?
  98. Scientists are more successful than artisans
  99. Artisans are more successful than scientists
  100. Keeping pets teaches responsibility

Opinion essay topics for ESL students should be assigned based on the different ages and levels of knowledge of the English language, for a more accurate learning experience.

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